Charity Wall metet available to organizations and fundraisers various tools
that can be used individually, combined with each other or all together.

Taken together, they represent a complete solution to certify the entire process that goes from donation,
to reporting up to the communication of the social objectives achieved.

CharityTOOLS can be activated, customized and managed in the Reserved Area which NPOs can access by registering.

Charity Wall offers 6 TOOLS covering specific needs.

All tools can be activated, customized and managed in the Reserved Area of ​​the NPO.
Combined together they represent a complete solution for communicating the transparency of the NPO to donors.

CharityPAY automatically tracks and notarizes any money transaction entering and leaving the digital wallet,
thus allowing you to show not only how much has been collected, but also the ACTUAL USE of the donations.


Unlike other solutions, CharityPAY's strength is to show donors how money is spent as it automatically tracks
who the money is sent to, no matter if it's a supplier, employee, or employee. beneficiary.
Money transactions are automatically notarized in the blockchain. The NPO can choose who and which transactions to show.

Donations for a specific social project can be collected from the Charity Wall website or any other website,
but also with any other means (for example: bank checks, sale of materials, money cash).
In any case, they can be transferred to the e-wallet of the project and, consequently, track their use.

CharityPAY accepts 27 national currencies, bank transfers, credit cards, 30 cryptocurrencies

CharityFile allows you to notarize any kind of file in BlockChain to prove the correct use of donations
and to involve donors in the development of the social project. It guarantees the immutability of any type of FILE.

Some examples of uploadable files and their function:
Photographs of projects and activities (gives the donor the certainty of ownership of the photo and the date it was uploaded).
Documents proving expenses and purchases relating to projects and activities
Documents proving the development of the activities
The receipt of the donation (also anonymous if necessary)
Transport documents

You can decide who to allow exclusive access to the files (such as categories of donors, big donors, etc.)

CharityWATCHER allows anyone with access to the files to verify the following data, of any type of FILE, using a widget:
Owner of the file
Contact details of who uploaded the file and when
Contacts of the NPO.

Thanks and other information can be associated with the document, in order to make each notarized file
a communication, engagement and loyalty tool.

CharityAPI: allows NPOs who do not want to use the landing page on the Charity Wall site, and who prefer
to insert the Charity Wall services directly on their website. Donors remain on the NPO website,
but can use all the services of Charity Wall

CharityCRM: is a document management tool to allow the exchange of documents (for example between internal or external
subjects involved in projects) and their automatic notarization in BlockChain. The documents can be
validated or uploaded also by third parties authorized by the NPO (own reviewers, testimonials, donors, volunteers, etc.)
thus increasing transparency and reliability of the document.

The product can be customized according to the needs of each NPO.

CharityWEB is the landing page that every NPO can have on the Charity Wall site. It is a dedicated space where the NPO can effectively show its social project, its developments, all notarized documents and donations received (even anonymously).
It is the landing page where donors who want to donate or who want to see notarized documents will arrive.

CharitySUPPORT Using CharityWall every NPO has the possibility to access CharitySUPPORT, a dedicated area where they will find webinars,
courses and assistance to make the most of the advantages offered by the platform and make the various tools even more performing for your own goals.