Charity Wall is a platform dedicated to non-profit organizations and fundraisers.

Charity Wall declines the advantages offered by blockchain technology in a series of tools ( Charity Tools ) dedicated to fundraising,
to reporting and communication.

With Charity Wall every type of organization (large or small) and every fundraiser (whether a consultant or who works within the institution)
can act decisively to increase the trust of all their audiences (donors, supporters, prospects).

Trust means having certainty of the results, and of the good use of donations. The DOXA "Donare 3.0" research tells us that 71% of Italians say
not to donate to organizations that do not allow them to verify how donations are used and the results achieved.

With Charity Wall, there is no limit to the transparency that can be guaranteed to donors, just choose the best tool for each goal.


With more effective and economical reporting tools
With new data and new guarantees for stakeholders to be used in social and mission reports
Being able to demonstrate beyond any doubt the good use of donations and the impact of social projects


With arguments that increase the bond and trust of supporters
To have new communication opportunities
To stand out among other organizations


Finding new target donors, both among individuals and businesses
Having new incentives to donate for those who are attentive to the transparency and impact of the projects
Permanently resolving the issue of transparency from every fundraising campaign


Adopting CharityWall allows the ONP to also have advantages in work processes.

With the same tools ( Charity Tools ) Charity Wall allows in fact
the notarization and tracking of any type of document, and allows an exchange of certified files within the institution's
and with various operational interlocutors. (accountants, suppliers, employees, etc.),
historicizing private documents relating to administrative or operational operations.

The ONP can also:
1. Protect the authorship of all types of documents and files;
2. Avoid unauthorized disclosure of digital files (such as photos, videos, documents) to third parties;
3. Otherwise, in the event of disclosure of sensitive and private data or files, to be able, at a later time, to prove,
even after years, their paternity and possession in a certain date.


These opportunities can also be managed within the Private Area by creating your own document archive, and:
1. Email users who may have access to or are responsible for the files
2. Choose which digital assets must be notarized in blockchain
3. Using a simple drag and drop of a document, check if that document has already been notarized by your organization,
in order to verify documents held by third parties
4. Possibly manage which documents to make visible and public on the widget present on your own or on third party sites accompanied by all the information