The NPO or institution registers on the Charity Wall website by providing:
1. Name of the institution
3. Your own website
3. E-mail of the contact person.
4. The data and information of the projects for which you will use Charity Wall.

A landing-page (mini-website) of the NPO web portal of Charity Wall is created, and you have access to a Reserved Area
where you can manage all the settings and tools (CharityTOOLS) of the Charity Wall suite.

The NPO, to collect and manage all donations, must create an electronic wallet (e-wallet) within the Charity Wall
dedicated to each social project with which it can pay the expenses related to it .

All notarized in real time in Blockchain.


In the Reserved Area ONP can:
1. Choose which file types you want to authenticate in blockchain
2. Describe the projects for which you intend to use Charity Wall as a transparency tool
3. Upload all kinds of files to demonstrate transparency in the use of donations.
4. Choose the files that can be made public, which can only be shared internally or who to give access to that file
5. Select the users, even external to the ONP, who are responsible for the project, for uploading the files and for their validation
(in case of activation of CharityCRM)
6. Verify and have your users verify, by drag and drop, if the document is notarized in Blockchain

Once in possession of the access credentials, the institution will upload the documents in question providing the accompanying information.